Interior glass doors & room dividers offer many unique and stylish ways to divide rooms without building walls.

The ultimate choice for interior sliding doors. Interior glass doors in Vancouver can be customized to fit your space and personal design. The flexibility of panel inserts and reversible panels combine to allow you total design creativity.

  • Monaco offers many stylish ways to divide a room or create a closet that fits your decor without floor tracking.
  • Portofino is predominantly used in a pocket door application. Uses a hanging system that allows you to apply the dividers without having to use a floor track.
  • Savona is the most versatile tracking option. Accommodates wider, taller openings in either ceiling or wall tracking.

Use light-diffusing safety glass, etched or sandblasted designs, mirror panels or wood panels. You can even combine two unique inserts for a different look on each side since panels are reversible.