, Why Composite Door Frames?

Why Composite Door Frames?

A smooth white or woodgrain composite offers all the strength and convenience of wood with enhanced properties. It is maintenance-free, providing a moisture and damage resistant product suitable for the Canadian climate.
Wood frames and composite are machined with the same process. However, solid composite provides twice the holding power of wood. While similar door frames may crack or bow under the intense cycle of the Canadian climate, our composite door frames have proven to withstand the harsh Canadian climate.
The security of our homes and our families is important to all of us. In most forced entrance cases, the frame is the source of the problem, not the door panel. Our composite structure won’t split or crack, making it extremely indestructible and lowering the risk of forced entrance.
Whether smooth composite or wood textured the option to personalize your entryway is always available at Novin Doors.
Novin Doors’ promise to quality is now offered with a composite door frame. A new composite door frame with composite technology is designed to interact with rot-resistant fiberglass doors and components to deliver a long lasting, durable entryway.
Whether you are looking for durability, security or quality in your doorway, Novin Doors promises to deliver all. Contact us today to find out more about why composite might be right for you.