, How to choose the proper Exterior Door in Vancouver?

We will give you a very simple and easy 3 step process to choose the proper exterior door for your home and your needs.

Step1. Choose the style of your home by looking at the overall design and architecture.

Is your home a little more rustic, traditional, or something in the middle like transitional, contemporary or modern? Either way, there is a door that it’s suited for your home.

Step 2. Choose the material of your door.

At this stage, you will lean towards certain material of the door. If you like something more rustic you might choose wood-grain fiberglass, traditional or transitional you might choose a wood door, if you like contemporary or modern you might lean to smooth fiberglass.

Step 3. Choose the design element of your door.

This is where you get to be fun and creative. Are we going to be putting glass on the door? If so, are we going to keep it simple and timeless like privacy glass that it’s going to allow in natural light but give you ultimate privacy or are we going to use something more unique like decorative glass?

You also want to determine the colour of your door. Are you going to make it pop with something like royal blue or perhaps you have black windows, and you want something that blends in and complements, and you are going to pick something rich like dark gray or perhaps you just want to stand out and you’d like to do something like candy red apple?

You want to choose the hardware for your door. It is the reflection of the overall entryway. You might lean to something modern and sleek like a chrome handle or you might want an electronic handle or something more traditional in satin nickel or something more contemporary in satin brass.

Either way, there is a door that it’s suited for your home and your style.

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